Monthly Calendar

MonthlyCalendar (or "Mon Cal", fantasy french for "my calendar") is an Android calendar app that focuses on a good monthly view. I wrote it because I got a HTC Desire in 2010/05 and did not find a good monthly calendar app back then.

As of today, I also like Calendar Pad and Touch Calendar, both colorful and quite polished.

Target Audience

MonthlyCalendar might be for you if you nod your head to all of the following:


So, what makes MonthlyCalendar special?


MonthlyCalendar is GPL'd open source software, and it is and will always remain free.

There are absolutely no guarantees on this software. I do everything the best I can, but in the unlikely event that the app crashes your phone, your life and your bank account, it is still your own fault.


MonthlyCalendar 0.0.7 was released in Feb 2014. For a bit of history, 0.0.6 was the first one targetted at Android 4.0 in May 2012, tested mainly on a Galaxy Nexus. A legacy 0.0.5 version for Android 2.2+ (but not 3.0) is also available. The very first release was in August 2010. I would call the current state a stable alpha.

Tested on various emulators, HTC Desire, LG P350 Optimus (both Android 2.2), and Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.0). If you a have a different phone and something does not work, please let me know so I can fix it.

And next?

The easiest way for you to get MonthlyCalendar: On the Android market, just search for "monthlycalendar". Alternatively, you can download an apk file (and get some "first use instructions") by going to the next section, download.