Monthly Calendar

MonthlyCalendar is available at the Play Store and as apk file on sourceforge, the latter for older Android versions also.

Security Permissions

Upon install, the app will ask for some permissions:

First use instructions

You have two ways to start the application: First, there is an app launcher called "Mon Cal", which should be in your app list. And second, there is a choice of two widgets called "Mon Cal (4x1)" and "Mon Cal (2x2)", which you can add to your home screen. Tapping on any event or on the date will lead you to the app. Tapping on the clock will lead you to the system clock.

So you have started the app, and see a monthly view. Play around:

From the monthly level menu, you can search, open the settings (preferences), jump to a specific date, or to the default Android calendar. Adding a new event is also possible; this takes the currently zoomed day as basis, or today if zoomed out.

To see what is possible on the "event level", head over to the documentation section.